That sweet sound of snoring

That sweet sound of snoring

Ohhh yes. I am actually sitting here enjoying the sound of snoring.

Please don’t tell my husband. He’ll question why I don’t enjoy his nighttime noises – uh, because it sounds like a train full of goats colliding with a truck full of pigs…darling.

The snoring I do enjoy is the sweet snuffles of a snoozing newborn. It’s really a little heartbreaking as well because he’s only snoring due to the disgusting cold his big brothers decided to share with him. Must have been all that sneaky smooching…

The other reason I am enjoying his snores are because I can hear them! That means that the aforementioned big brothers are also asleep!

That’s 3 for 3 if you’re keeping count. PND can shove it because I’m kicking ass today.

Apparently all it takes to wear them (and let’s face it, me) out is a short walk to the good old golden arches for a play. That glorious, wondrous play equipment tired the little ratbags out so much that they went to bed with very minimal kicking and screaming!

So the mini munchkin slumbers on me, giving the occasional sleepy wind smile. And as I sit here thinking about how no housework is being done and no cares are given I am perfectly at peace.

Oh crap, I hear giggling.

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