A gentle breeze

A gentle breeze

It’s seriously hot.

Like, my sweat is turning into steam right before my very eyes. Ok so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but it is bloody hot nonetheless.

Australia: Home to heatwaves, drop bears and me.

Poor hubby is outside mowing the lawn and putting up the trampoline for the kids (we recently moved house).

I’m laying on the recliner pinned under a delicious little newborn. Oh, a delicious little newborn who just passed wind like a grown man.

Aside from the occasional tooshie toots, the random bursts of giggles from the backyard where the two little-big boys are ‘helping’ daddy, and the hum of the fan, it is blissfully peaceful in here. There is a gentle breeze coming through the window every 5 or so minutes. I bask in that beautiful, brief breeze.

Life is pretty good.

Yes, I saw the doctor. Yes, I’m now on some amazing little tablets that help balance me. Yes, I’m able to enjoy life a bit again. I’ll still have my downs of course but hopefully they will be few and far between.

Hubby can tell the difference already. I’m…lighter….more fun and easy going.

I like this me. I hope she stays more steady and consistent than this tease of a breeze.

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