Little wins

Little wins

My sweet, darling baby boy laughed for the first time today.

Not at me. Not at his daddy or his brothers. No.

He burped and then looked at the light on the roof and laughed this delicious little laugh. So what do we go with here? Was he laughing at his own burp or at the ceiling light? What an entry for the baby book -that let’s face it, will never be completed.

Either way, it happened and it was gorgeous. Such a little ray of sunshine in amongst the clouds of post natal depression. Little wins are what counts here.

I also got some washing done. Little win! Perhaps I’ll start tracking my little wins. It seems a positive thing to do. Maybe I’ll also add a positive thing for each of the boys.

When you have PND, it can be difficult to feel happy about the little accomplishments. It can be almost impossible to bask in the highs and it can be far too easy to drown in the lows.

I need to take note of the good in my life. Because there really is so much good.

Today’s little wins:

Mumma: Got some cleaning done and felt productive.

Biggest-Little: Showed off his counting skills with the coins he undoubtedly stole from his nanny’s purse.

Middle-Little: Helped mummy pick up the felt pieces scattered around the lounge room and looked so, so proud of himself.

Smallest-Little: Laughed for the first time. At what, is still to be decided.

2 thoughts on “Little wins

  1. little wins, huge wins Celebrate them all!!
    My little win today: wiped down the kitchen benches… Yay!!! Oh and managed
    to sneak 20 seconds to rush a brush through my long crazy unloved hair 🙂


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