Pink frills and Big W thrills

Pink frills and Big W thrills

As a mother of three beautiful boys I miss out on something. Something I really, really enjoy.

Shopping for beautiful, frilly, lacy little girls clothes. Instead of bows, I get bow ties – and I love it, of course, but every now and then I just want to buy something that looks like Barbie threw up on it.

Thankfully when I married my husband I got to be the Aunty of some seriously amazing nieces. I also have an honorary niece from my best friend. And in May my little sister will give birth to her first child, a girl, the first girl on our side.

So yesterday my sister and I went out – BABY FREE!

It was only for a very short period of time because I’d fed bub up to his eyeballs and had to get back before he needed me (my boobs) again. But it was some much needed adult time -though I use the word ‘adult’ loosely because when my sister and I are together we usually revert back to giggling teens again.

We went to Big W to grab a car seat each while the sale was on and accidently walked through the baby clothes.

Oh my giddy aunt the pink! The pink was everywhere! I had to restrain myself from running through the aisles throwing sparkly pink tutus in the air and dancing in the glorious rain of tulle.

I’m sure my sister thought I was a little insane while I was pointing out all the pretties, but as I sit here, surrounded by the mounds of blue and green folding that I’ve been avoiding for a few days now, I don’t really care.

Sometimes you just need to enjoy something you can’t have and live vicariously through someone who has it.

Today’s little wins:

Mumma: Had some grown up time and felt a little bit more like me, and not just mum.

Biggest-Little: Did some beautiful drawings of faces. Eye brows included.

Middle-Little: Said ‘weet-bix’ for the first time. Little tike loves the stuff.

Smallest-Little: Finally worked out an incredibly stubborn poop he’d been struggling with for a day or so.

2 thoughts on “Pink frills and Big W thrills

  1. I so get this. Mum of 2 boys; no sisters, no geographically close sisters-in-law, no nieces, no girl cousins, and now no Mum. I basically wear dresses everyday just to keep a feminine influence in my life!


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