One of those days

One of those days

It’s not the easiest of days here today.

My mind isn’t working right and my eyes are tired after having a tiny 8 week old attached to my chest all night.

I just have zero energy. I tried turning it around. Usually I can get myself moving by doing laundry – strange, I know. Two loads of clothes washed, dried, folded and put away and I am still in a funk.

Mister 3 is in full threenager mode telling me to ‘be quiet mummy’, the 1.5 year old had half the nap he normally would and has spent a ridiculous amount of time banging his pudgy little fists on the floor in a full blown tantrum, and the 8 week old has barely slept, and the sleep he did do was on me and was short lived.

It’s just not a good day. I think the only thing that will solve this rut is a shower when hubby gets home. All the world’s problems are solved in the shower I’m sure. I just need to hide away and focus on the sound of the water and the smell of jasmine, and forget that everything outside of my steamy little sanctuary exists.

And until then, I guess I’ll keep on doing laundry.

Today’s little wins:

Mumma: Spent some quality time with the littlest one today. We had wonderful chats and he had some very interesting things to say.

Biggest-Little: Spent a lot of time ‘cooking’ today. It was good fun to watch and he makes delicious imaginary pancakes!

Middle-Little: Gave me two huge kisses – usually I have to pin him down and force them out of him!

Smallest-Little: Gave his biggest brother the most beautiful little smiles today. He just adores him.

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