Fire engines and toffee shocks

Fire engines and toffee shocks

Little Squirt the fire engine.


I can’t even guess how many times I have read this beat up little old book. At least 10 times this week that’s for sure. These little munchkins seem to find a favourite and just read it until the pages are hanging on by a thread.

When I was a kid I loved reading. Enid Blyton, Ann M. Martin, Roald Dahl, you name it, I probably read it…a lot. It’s awesome that my boys share my love of books. There is something so magical about getting lost in another world. A world where anything can happen. Where the little guy can be the hero, where friendship and love conquer all, where pop cakes and toffee shocks are readily available and insanely delicious.

So why is it that every time mister 3 asks me to read him a book (especially the book we’ve just read twelve times in a row), I feel slightly irritated? That’s not fair. The love of books is an amazing, wonderful thing that I had hoped he would inherit from me and now that he has I feel annoyed? That’s ridiculous.

So I’ve made a decision that no matter what I am doing, no matter where I am, if I get asked to read a book I will read it. Within reason of course, I can’t exactly change pages and gears and the the same time.

This is something that needs to happen. I need to encourage this love of literature. It is such a gift to have children that would prefer to learn about what turned Hush invisible in Possum Magic, than watch Lah-Lah repeats on Youtube. I should be more grateful for what I have, and appreciate my amazing little men for who they are.


Today’s little wins:

Mumma: Acknowledged a weakness and made a plan to turn it into a strength.

Biggest-Little: I told big-little that his daddy was driving me cray cray because he kept piling junk up on the microwave. He replied with ‘Daddy is driving me to the cray cray too mummy’. He’s such a crack up.

Middle-Little: Sang ‘Twinkle twinkle’ to me in his own special little way.

Smallest-Little: Did a huge poonami. Trust me, that’s a win. He is so much more settled now!

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