Tick tick, tick tock

Tick tick, tick tock

Not long left.

It feels too long for me, but realistically it’s only about half an hour.

Not long left until daddy is home.

The second he walks through that door he will have a screaming baby shoved at him. A 3 year old will probably throw something at him and grumble that he doesn’t want to go to bed ever! A 1.5 year old will squeal ‘up, up’ and get annoyed that daddy is holding the baby and not him. Poor guy has no idea what he’s in for.

Where will I be? In my sanctuary of course, a cool shower, washing away all the memories of moments today that I barely survived.

The moment the big one threw a rolling pin at the middle one, the moment the middle one chucked a tantrum because he wanted six lamingtons instead of the one that I’d given him, and all the moments that the little one screamed like a banshee because I wasn’t in his line of sight.

My husband works hard all day. He deserves to come home and relax, but today his relaxation will have to be put on hold because I’m about to lose it. He won’t even complain, because he’s amazing.

Actually he’ll probably walk in and reach for the baby before I even get a chance to say ‘hi honey, take this cute-but-currently-possessed child’. What a guy.

I might go and do the food shopping tonight if the baby allows. This is what has become of my life – food shopping is ‘me time’.

Not a lot of positivity today. Figured I’d been having too good of a run lately.

I’ve been having days of laughter and sunshine, but today all I’ve got is clumps of wet toilet paper all over the bathroom floor, an indent in my arm where the baby has refused to move from, and the smell of toddler poop wafting from the little munchkin that just walked in.

Not long left.

Today’s little wins:

Mumma: Had a blog post shared by Pinky-freakin-McKay!

Biggest-Little: Drew an ‘A’ all by himself, no prompting!

Biggest-Little's 'A'

Middle-Little: Learnt the word milk, which he screamed at me after he tried to run away with the lamingtons. Silver linings.

Smallest-Little: Is finally asleep…in my arms. Silver linings, silver linings, silver linings.

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