The joys of a threenager

The joys of a threenager

“What are you doing?”

“Where are you?”

“Please don’t touch that”

“Please come out from there”

“Please don’t slam the doors”

“Why are you hurting him?”

“Please, stop!”

All of the above spurt out of my mouth pretty much daily. Oh, let’s be honest here, most of them are said multiple times a day.

Three year olds are hard. At least mine is, and I think his behaviour is relatively normal. Unfortunately I just don’t know how to deal with it.

I don’t know if it’s the postnatal depression, the lack of sleep, or if it’s just me in general but I’m not handling it well. I really don’t know how to answer all the ‘why’ questions.

“Why can’t we drive faster?”

“Why is too much sugar not good mummy?”

“Why do you have to clean up?”

“Why does daddy have to go to work again?”

“Why can’t we eat marshmallows for breakfast?”

It is constant. And I know that it is amazing because he is an inquisitive little guy eager to soak up everything he can, but it can get seriously irritating. Or I am just irritable? Both?

Is it normal to get irritated by this? Do other parents eventually run out of patience and want to hide in their rooms and pretend they are in their pre-child lives, spending the whole day in bed watching Friends re-runs, eating junk and drinking more than they should?

Surely it isn’t just me.

So how do I get more patience? Is it a mind over matter type deal? Do I need to believe it is so, and it will be so? Is it even possible?

I’m not sure, but I know I have to try. I suppose I need to keep reminding myself that his behaviour is normal. That he is learning. That he needs me to teach him.

And you know what? Maybe sometimes we will have marshmallows for breakfast! That’s one less ‘why’ I’d have to worry about.

4 thoughts on “The joys of a threenager

  1. I feel your pain I had to tell my daughter the other day to get the meat thermometer out of her ear. Something that works for us is everything involves a decision that they pick out (obviously not everything but a lot of things). Do you want eggs or Cheerios. Blue underwear or yellow and this got rid of a good deal of the whys and fighting. I don’t know why and I will not even pretend to have a clue but my brother suggested it and it helped. We have also tried asking her why do you think or tell your sister why you might think that. Once again just trying to give you anything that might help. Hang in there. Great post.


  2. I feel you! My son asks me how come we can’t eat easter egg chocolates for breakfast. It’s the constant, I like carrots then all of a sudden I don’t like carrots. And don’t get me started with giving me the wrong colour cutlery.
    #parentsunite We got this LOL.


    1. Ohhh the chocoholic in me thinks Easter eggs for breakfast sounds awesome – the parent in me feels you pain!

      It’s tomatoes here! One day he doesn’t like them because they have seeds in them, the next he loves them more than his trucks!

      #parentsunite love it!


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