Ailments and anarchy

Ailments and anarchy

Well, I’m sick.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I’m the kind of person that seems to get a cold, or tonsillitis, or some other germ-fest every few months and it has been a while since I was last ill (sinus infection in November, while pregnant – nasty).

I couldn’t face another day at home alone with the children when I could barely lift my eyelids. Especially with the thought that it could be another day like yesterday, when the two big-littles decided to ransack the bathroom cupboard and spread cotton balls (and absolutely everything else in there) around the house while I fed their baby brother. I can’t possibly explain to you just how bad it was, so here, have just one photo of the total destruction that the tornado-two created.

A tiny snapshot of the destruction caused by the bedlam brothers

Thankfully my wonderful husband was able to take the day off to watch the boys while I lay in the foetal position in the middle of my bed. He has treated me like a queen today – which, honestly, isn’t overly different from any other day. Bringing me food, water and panadol, and keeping the little ones away from the gross, sweaty, shadow of a woman that used to be their mother.

When I finally ventured outside of the bedroom at around noon in a ‘I slept in the middle of the day and now i’m more tired than I was before’ daze, I found the house completely spotless and the boys were happy as Larry.

Why is it that they are on their best behaviour when someone other than their mum is in charge? I swear it’s a conspiracy. Well, whatever it is, I’m kind of glad they were good for him. A teeny, tiny part of me is outraged that they didn’t show him what life is really like at home with them. I guess having dad home on a work day is a novelty. I’m genuinely glad they got some quality time together. I saw hubby down on the floor playing cars with big-little at one point. They really don’t get enough playtime.

Anyway, so I’ve spent the day resting and it has been just what I needed. Stay at home parents rarely get sick days so I’m incredibly grateful for mine.

Now if the razorblades that have set up shop in my throat would kindly bugger off, I’d like to be able to smooch my boys again, thanks.

Today’s little wins:

Mumma: Rested. Other parents will understand that this is actually a huge win.

Biggest-Little: Told me how you spell his name, and let me video it! A+ for my big-little boys

Middle-Little: Said his big brothers name clearly for the first time. Yes, it made me melt.

Smallest-Little: Let’s face it, there’s not a heap a 9 week old can do. But as always, he did whatever it is that 9 week olds do in an extremely cute way. ‘Awww, little man just let off a tooshie toot, how cute!’

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