A tiny slice of ‘me time’

A tiny slice of ‘me time’

I got my hair done today.

Yes, this blog post is purely about the fact that I was able to get to the hairdresser. See as a stay at home mumma to 3 cheeky munchkins it really is a luxury to be able to spend an hour on myself.

It doesn’t really matter that my husband drove around the whole time so as to keep the boys happy in the car. It also doesn’t matter that my chest kept giving me reminders that I wasn’t with my baby (Oh, hello random letdown). All that matters is that I got a tiny slice of time without having to answer the endless why’s, a tiny slice of time where my shirt was able to stay clear of regurgitated breast milk, and a tiny slice of time where I could talk to an adult other than my husband and discuss things other than the consistency of the baby’s poop.

I feel human again. Like I could conquer anything these little ratbags throw at me and maybe even be seen in public! And whilst I know that tomorrow the haircut, like my current outlook on life, won’t be quite as good as it is right now, after that tiny slice of time and an evening of hubby giving me ‘that look’, I feel pretty damn good. I should really do this more often.

Ha! Like that’ll happen!

Today’s little wins:

Mumma: Pretty obvious one here – new do!

Biggest-Little: Had a nap. In the car. For ten minutes. Take what you can get!

Middle-Little:  Got arty with a texta today. On his big brothers electric guitar. Maybe that isn’t overly a win…

Smallest-Little: Lunged in my direction when he heard my voice. No one makes you feel more loved than your baby.

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