Chocolate faces and sticky fingers

Chocolate faces and sticky fingers

It’s OK, I’m still here! I did survive Easter – just.

I have been stuck in a chocolate haze for the past few days. I ate so many eggs that I had to re-buy the ones I’d gotten as gifts for people because they accidently got lost in my mouth.

Easter – or as we call it ‘stop-the-kids-from-eating-all-the-chocolate-in-one-go day’ – was great. The kids definitely ate too much and the smartest thing we did was pack pyjamas in the nappy bag, anticipating them falling into a chocolate coma on the way home.

Big-little decorated this egg cup at school for daddy!

I’ve known for a while now that mister middle is a chocoholic but this was cemented for me when I couldn’t look away for a second without him trying to grab another egg. We ended up having to cut him off at midday out of fear that he would in fact, turn into a chocolate bunny.

We went to the Old Parliament House because they had some Easter activities happening, including an egg hunt. Unfortunately it was a bit of a bust. The lines were huge, the hunt involved a lot of reading, which obviously doesn’t work for our little guys, and it cost five bucks for a sausage sizzle (literally just a sausage on a piece of bread with sauce for those who aren’t lucky enough to know about this deliciousness). Needless to say, we didn’t stay long. I fed the baby, the boys got some eggs, and we high tailed it out of there in search of food that wouldn’t cost us half of our weekly shopping budget.

We generally spend Easter with hubby’s family, so we went to his grandparents to enjoy a yummy dinner, hang out with family, and exchange gifts. We were all very spoilt. Hubby’s family are really generous, thoughtful gift givers – actually, so are mine, we seriously lucked out in the family department. Between us all we got some clothes, a book, a saucepan set, and about 24 billion eggs and bunnies, with only about 15 billion left when we headed home because the garbage disposals that we call kids got to them.

The next day was spent at home, sluggish, tired, and grumpy, and I’m not just talking about the boys. The Easter aftermath hit us hard.

We’re starting to recover now. The choccie stash is shrinking as fast as my waistline is expanding, I cannot wait for it to be gone. Most of it has been frozen now and will be used for a long time. Hey, maybe we can re-gift it next year! That is, if we haven’t turned into eggs by then.

Anyone want to come and save us from ourselves?

Today’s little wins:

Mumma: Ate a heap of chocolate…I’m not sure how that’s a win, but my brain is just sitting there going ‘chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate’ so it’s all I’ve got.

Biggest-Little: I have a special song that I sing to each of my boys that I call their song. Big sang the baby’s song to his pop at Easter dinner. Made my heart swell because he’s usually so shy.

Middle-Little: He was so cute over Easter that he even managed to make a chocolate drool beard look adorable.

Smallest-Little: Enjoyed his first Easter! He is a happy, laughing little dude.

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