Snapshot of a son

Snapshot of a son

One day old, you captured my heart
I knew you were special, right from the start.
One week goes by, time moves so fast
I wanted those precious, innocent days to last.
One month along and things are rough
Reflux, colic, parenting is tough.
Two months, three months so many tears
A depression scale confirms the darkest of fears.
Four months things take a slightly better turn
Solids help to settle the nasty reflux burn.
Five months, six months, sitting and crawling
Seven months, eight months non-stop exploring.
Nine months, ten months, up on two feet,
Walking around, dancing to any good beat.
Eleven months, wishing that time would stand still,
One year celebrated, eating cake, what a thrill!
One and a half and a brother arrives,
Small and loud and changing lives.
Two years old and a bond has formed,
brothers for life and a family transformed.
Three years old and along comes another,
a third bundle of joy, a new littlest brother.
Three years old and the world is changing,
learning to read, making friends, it’s amazing.

Three years ago a yearning for more,
two little lines rocked two people to their core
Three years ago, wondering what was to come,
Three years ago my darling, you made me a mum.

Father, mother, son

4 thoughts on “Snapshot of a son

      1. Definitely! Even now I forget sometimes that he is already such a big boy – yet so young at the same time! I can barely imagine that he used to be a tiny cuddly baby!


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