Bad luck and sore throats

Bad luck and sore throats

We are a house infected!

We have nearly all had our turn at being sick. Currently it’s my turn. I’m hoping more than anything that DJ (Smallest-Little) doesn’t get it.

Poor little Marky (Biggest-Little) got it bad. He spent a lot of the weekend snoozing on and off in a fever induced haze. The home Doctor came out and prescribed some antibiotics. We’re always on high alert with him because of the size of his tonsils. They already cut off his airway, when he’s sick I can’t sleep because I worry so much about what could happen. I think that’s a fairly normal mum response though.

Anyway it’s lead to us having a pretty boring, quiet week so far. A lot of movies and cuddle time.

The one time I did go out I was ten minutes from my Dietician appointment (compulsory for people having weightloss surgery) and the car started to make a horrible noise. And then the temperature guage went up, up, up. And then I smelt it. Burning.

I pulled over and waited for hubby to come and diagnose the problem (he’s a qualified mechanic but currently working in another field). It could be a few things, either way our poor new-to-us car was towed away and my appointment was rescheduled.

We really do have some shocking luck! At least we have each other though, right?

In the words of the scruffy little red headed orphan that I love ‘The sun will come out tomorrow’.

Today’s little wins:

Mumma: Made a decision to change my life for the better.

Biggest-Little: Today he told me that he loved me ‘much and much’ and he told me that I am beautiful.

Middle-Little: This little dude is just constantly coming out with new words. I can’t believe how wonderful his speech is.

Smallest-Little: Tried his first solids last night. Pumpkin. He loved it!

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