Two days ago

Two days ago

Two days ago I witnessed something life changing.

Two days ago I watched my niece being brought into this world.

Two days ago I watched my baby sister become a mother.

My sister fell pregnant in early 2015. Our whole family was heartbroken for her and my brother-in-law when they found out at their 12 week scan that their much wanted babe had passed away.

They put their baby-making mission on hold for a while until her health was back on track. After dealing with two surgeries for her miscarriage and then surgery to clear up endometriosis her body had been through the wringer – and so had her spirit.

They decided to go on a holiday for their wedding anniversary in September of 2015. Before they left I suggested she take a pregnancy test as I’d noticed a few things here and there. She brushed it off and said it was practically impossible, so off they flew to sunny Queensland to celebrate two years as husband and wife.

I still remember the moment that I found out that they were expecting again. I was eating dinner and my brother-in-law sent me a Facebook message. I opened it, expecting a picture of the beach, or a meal at the Hard Rock, or a rollercoaster. Instead I saw a very positive pregnancy test with two beautifully strong pink lines. My fork hit my plate with a clang.

Those beautiful lines

My sister and I were pregnant at the same time for a while there. It was so special to share that experience together. And when the day came for me to meet my darling Daniel, she was right there, keeping me laughing, foraging for edible hospital food and taking photos and videos.

Two days ago she became a mum. When we were teenagers she told me she didn’t want children. What a relief that she met my incredible brother-in-law and changed her mind. She was made for pregnancy, she was made for labour, and she was definitely made to be a mother.

There is no way to accurately describe how proud I am of my baby sister (no, I’ll never stop calling her that). She has faced so much more in her 24 years of life than some people face in a lifetime. She has overcome numerous obstacles and grown into a strong, independent woman.

Two days ago. A lot changes in two days. Two days ago I watched my baby sister have a beautiful, peaceful labour. I watched as she held her beautiful daughter to her chest. I watched the new daddy, overwhelmed with emotion, as he realised he had a daughter.  I watched as both of their eyes changed, the moment that they recognised that their life was changed forever, that they would go above and beyond for this tiny person that needed them so. I watched them exchange looks that showed their love deepening, evolving into a different style of love.

Two days ago. I love two days ago. I love that all of our lives changed two days ago. I love that I was there two days ago.

It’s amazing what can change in two days.

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