Dark skies and high hopes

Dark skies and high hopes

Just when you think it couldn’t possibly rain anymore the sky goes ahead and surprises you.

It’s dark and miserable – much like my mood today. I’m weaning from breastfeeding because I start my Optifast pre-surgery diet tomorrow and I’m in serious pain!

Middle-Little helping Smallest-Little with his bottle. Such a great big brother.

I mean, if I move my arm in the wrong way I’m in tears. This sucks. I’m hoping so hard that I wake up drastically improved in the morning because tomorrow is the big day – Marky (Biggest-Little) has his surgeries tomorrow.

Adenotonsilectomy, hernia repair, and tear duct clearance. Poor kid. We have to be at the hospital at 7am and he goes in at 8am for surgery. Then an overnight stay. I just hope his breathing improves, I hate hearing him struggle at night.

I hope it’s easy to stick to the Opti diet in hospital. And I hope it tastes okay! Hubby is doing Opti with me and we’re having roast lamb as a ‘farewell’ feast – thanks father-in-law!

I wish I could send you all the smell of this delicious dinner – but I can’t- it’s all mine!

Today’s little wins:

Mumma: Successfully breastfed my smallest bub for 5 months. It’s not as long as I’d originally hoped for but every feed counts! After formula feeding my first, I feel very grateful to have had a chance to experience breastfeeding with my next two. I’ll definitely miss it.

Biggest-Little: Sang a beautiful ‘I love baby’ song for his new baby cousin.

Middle-Little: His vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds. He’s a smart cookie.

Smallest-Little: Enjoyed steamed broccoli the other night! Such a goof.

Broccoli monster.

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