When life gets in the way

When life gets in the way

Well how slack am I? My poor little blog has been so neglected lately! I’ve spent most (all) of my time parenting and learning how to live with my sleeve. A lot has happened so I think I’ll go person by person here. 

Mumma: So weightloss is happening. Slowly which is a little frustrating, but good in the sense that hopefully I won’t have too many issues with loose skin. I am currently on soft foods, which is very close to normal foods but not quite. I eat a lot of eggs, tuna and chicken. I did experience my first ‘oh no I’ve eaten far too fast, I have to get that out’ episode the other day. That was not fun.

Thin omelette filled with chicken and cheese

 PND is currently ok. I still have tough times but I’m starting to feel like they’re a normal level of tough and not an exaggerated one from PND. 

I’m discovering that my sister and I have a completely different relationship now that she’s a mumma too. I’m absolutely loving it. We have a standing date to do food shopping together every fortnight and it is honestly one of my favourite days. Who would have thought that I’d enjoy doing the groceries?

All in all I’m doing well. Feeling healthier in body and mind. Have a beautiful old/new friendship. Life is not too shabby. 

Marky: Marky is going well. He is starting to really like childcare and has told me he has made a friend. He is becoming such a little boy it is incredible to watch him. 

I’ve just booked him in to see the physio and I’m a little worried about how much his ankles roll in. Hopefully all is well. He has a date to see the specialist Opthamologist in Sydney next year to discuss creating his tear duct. I hope the poor kid gets a break after all this. 

According to measurements Marky is tall and skinny.

Marky taking selfies on mummy phone!

Toby: Toby is turning two in three days! I cannot believe it! He is such an adventurous little man with an incredible vocabulary.We had our first hospital trip with him yesterday after a big fall. He managed to rip the inside of his lip open and get a big cut in his gum. We have an appointment with the dentist in the morning just to get him checked out. He will be celebrating his birthday with a fat lip and some rather impressive marks around his mouth and nose. 

According to measurements Toby is short and chunky.

Toby, also known as Mr. Chocolate-Face

Daniel: DJ is now seven months and his personality is just beautiful.  He is almost always happy, you rarely see him without a smile on his face.He is extremely close to crawling and spends all of his time up on all fours, rocking back and forth. He says ‘Dad’, ‘Mum’ and ‘Bub’. He has a tooth on its way out. He’s not handling teething overly well, lots of drool and many, many tears, which is just so out of character for him.

According to measurements Daniel is tall and chunky. 

Daniel is definitely sick of being stationary

I think we’re all caught up now. Life is just plodding along.

Faster than I’d like it to.

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