We are more

We are more

Sometimes being a blogger can be bigger than what you’d think.

When you start a blog and you have a plan for the general theme, you don’t always realise what it will turn into. 

You want to be real. You want to be honest. Sometimes you’ll have a line drawn and you’ll stay close, but never cross. Sometimes you don’t worry about a line at all and you’ll say or do whatever gets you attention.

I don’t see the point in that. 

I’ve seen other mother bloggers posting things that most would consider neglect, under the guise of ‘being real’. I think that’s bull. You can be real, you can be raw, you can be relatable without being neglectful. And attention can be good or bad – why would anyone aim for the latter?

Your child gets nits – I’m pretty sure that’s a rite of passage. Do you treat it? If they come back day after day, do you treat it again and again even though it’s annoying as hell? Or do you take a photo, upload it to social media and say it’s ok because they’re loved?

No brainer, right?

If we keep bowing down to people doing neglectful things because they make us feel human, we are never going to do better. How many children are going to be hurt by this? How many kids will sit in dirty nappies because their mums were told it’s fine?

I’m not a perfect mum. If you have ever read any of my other posts you’ll know I struggle. I really do. My kids eat nuggets and chips (McDaddies) too often. We don’t leave the house a whole lot due to my anxiety. I yell more than I should. Mount Foldmore is slowly plotting to take control of the house.

We all have hard times and it feels great to know there are other mums out there who get it, who are dealing with the same issues, who are also pulling their hair out, or who just want to quit this parenting thing and run away to a new life in Hawaii.

But we don’t have to settle. When you know better you do better. If my son sits in a nappy for too long because I got busy, or because it completely slipped my mind – I’m not going to give in and just keep letting it happen. I’m going to try to do better. I’ll still fail sometimes, that’s life. But I will try.

It’s wonderful that so many women are feeling less alone, because we aren’t alone, we are all dealing with the same tantrums, the same sibling rivalry, the same exhaustion. I just worry about what this need to be the same is costing us

We are all strong, incredible, independant women. 

We are more than who we follow.

We are more than how we parent.

We are more than we even think we are.

We are more.

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