At what point do we need to recognise that we’re a little lost?

When you can snap your fingers and a horde of angry women attack someone on your behalf, do you think that perhaps you’re a tad out of control? That maybe the power has gone to your head?
At what point do we need to recognise that obsession has overcome us?

When you can reduce someone to tears because your leader chucked a tantrum? Someone who put herself out there with her opinion? Someone you don’t even know, and don’t care to know, because your boss gave the order to attack?

This isn’t right. We are all individuals, with our own brains, our own passions, our own talents. Why have we become so reliant on other people? Have we lost that ‘women’s intuition’ we’ve all heard so much about?

It seems that these days we are becoming less and less like separate humans and more like herds of sheep, sticking together and just copying our neighbour.

We don’t have to be this way. I’m not saying we shouldn’t look to other people for advice and guidance. I’m simply saying that we need to continue to think for ourselves. This herd mentality is draining. 

Don’t be ashamed of being different. Don’t be ashamed if you parent differently, or learn differently, or think differently. We spend so much time encouraging our children to embrace their uniqueness but we are so determined to fit in that we ignore our own advice.

Today I saw a pretty vicious attack on a fellow blogger. It was lead by someone who prides herself on ‘building women up’. I see that only applies to her followers and not those that have a differing opinion from her.

I know that this woman has a lot of followers and I think it’s wonderful that she has made so many other mothers feel great about themselves (even though I disagree with the way she goes about it, I don’t need to be a queen #idratherbeme), but today was a disgusting display of her abusing her social media power.

So before she uses her loyal followers as pawns again, before she attempts to tear another woman down, I have one small suggestion for her.

Be the woman you ask your fans to be.

20 thoughts on “#idratherbeme

  1. What happened to the other lady was disgusting she wrote a personal opinion that didn’t attack anyone. It was funny and warm.
    Anyway you’re right


  2. Just got introduced to this blog by a wonderful lady on a FB page amongst a ton of other amazing ladies who I genuinely feel are all real , and just being themselves . Today I was shocked into the real world … Where wearing a crown does not a queen make !! What I witnessed was devastating ! To think so many women are brainwashed an manipulated into saying things they probably don’t even mean , they are probably having a bad day amongst whatever is going on with them , and this is their only outlet … Because it’s ‘OK ‘ to express their feelings , even if it is completely contradictory to what their ‘leader’ stands for ! Shizzzz … Eyes …wide..open ! #idratherbeme


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