Body, mind, soul

Body, mind, soul

Time for a body, mind, and soul check-in.


Things are going well on the body front! My weightloss post-sleeve is totalling a whopping 32kgs and heck yeah I’m proud! I’m honestly still adjusting. I am struggling with the protein intake, but I’m definitely eating good, healthy foods with lots of colour and amazing flavour. I find greasy food so sickening. It coats my whole mouth and I genuinely don’t understand how I found it so yummy before, which is huge for me. Sugary things are just so sickly sweet , I can’t stomach them. Milk is just a huge no-go unless it’s in my coffee .

Our fruit and veg haul. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the markets, though all the fish confused them a little.

The exercise side of things is definitely getting left behind. I am much more active than I used to be, but that’s really not saying a great deal because apart from day-to-day parenting movements I was basically just a lazy blob doing the bare minimum needed to get by.

We went for a family walk on the weekend. Hubby rode his bike with the two bigger-little guys in the bike trailer, while I walked with DJ in the single pram (side note, I have not used the single pram since before Toby was born and it was so strange).

I’m starting to really enjoy clothes! This is so strange to me. It’s not a good thing – my purse really can’t handle it – thank goodness for op-shops! I hate paying full price for anything #stingy so I love a good op-shop score.

Body is good. Body is getting better each day. Mind could still use some work.


Mind is a major work in progress. I’m not going to sugar coat it…it’s pretty crappy. I’m currently on the wait list just to be triaged by the psychologist – 3 weeks and counting – the actual appointment wait is another 14 odd weeks on the op of that. I mean, thats seriously not good enough, is  it? I totally understand that there are people that need the appointments more than me (I feel grateful that I have never been suicidal, ever, and I’d happily give up an appointment to someone that is), I just wish there were more resources available so that no one had to wait for something so important.

I’m on my medication but anxiety is, unfortunately, still in control. I quit softball because I just couldn’t handle the panic attacks every week. I really don’t want to talk about it if you know me. I feel like a total failure. I loved it. Anxiety: 1 mil / Carmen: 0.


My soul is good! I start Uni at the end of the month and I am super excited to be doing something that I am passionate about! It is  nerve-wracking for sure and I hope so much that anxiety can stay away, but all I can do is try my best and speak up when I need some help. I’m not feeling at all anxious about it at the moment! I feel ready to get started! Bring it on.

My family is good! Hubby has lost a mind blowing 41.4 kgs! He is incredible. Marky is doing well at childcare. They are going on an excursion to the zoo and he’s super excited. Toby is…gosh, how do you explain Toby? Toby is becoming more and more adventurous by the day. It’s both terrifying, and beautiful to watch. Daniel is becoming so playful. He loves to sing and dance and just keeps us smiling.

So things are primarily good. Some things are better than others. I’m getting there.

I’ll get there.


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