How are you feeling?

How are you feeling?

It is perinatal depression and anxiety awareness week. #bePNDaware

If you’re new to my blog you won’t need to look far to see that I’ve been touched by this beast. If you’re a regular around here then you’re probably sick of hearing about it. #sorrynotsorry I’m a huge believer in spreading awareness about this topic and sharing my personal fight is the best way for me to do this.

Honestly I dropped the ball a little and didn’t even realise this was PNDA week until I got a notification on my phone that Hercollective had tagged me in something on Instagram. I still get giddy like a school girl when I see legitimate websites showcasing my writing. I opened the notification and saw the image below. I read it and thought ‘oh yes, that is exactly how I feel!’ and then I realised that it was a direct quote from the article I had written and felt like a total muppet.

Image from the Instagram of Hercollective. Click on the picture to check out their account!

The fact is that there are so many women touched by PNDA and only a handful feel comfortable talking about it. This isn’t something we need to hide ladies. I understand if you don’t want to broadcast it for the whole world to see like I do. I really get it. There is a stigma attached to mental health conditions that really needs to bugger off. The stereotyping has to stop. If your brain doesn’t keep the chemicals balanced as well as the next person you are looked down upon and labelled ‘moody’, ‘rude’, ‘aggressive’, ‘odd’, ‘crazy’ or worse. This isn’t the case.

Our brains being wired differently is just part of who we are. Some people have blonde hair, blue eyes and a passion for science. Some have brown hair, green eyes and spend their days fighting depression. Some have purple hair, white contacts and perform wiccan rituals when the sun goes down.

We are all different. No one person is better than another. Celebrities aren’t better people because they’re famous. Politicians aren’t better people because they claim to be helping their country. The school yard bully isn’t better just because they tell you they are.

I’ve gone off on a tangent. What I’m trying to get at is that we are all equals and there is no reason to be judging someone based on their mental health. When the judgement stops so will the shame.

I have PNDA but I don’t sit at home everyday, with zero drive, my kids mindlessly watching TV, and my house a dark pit of nothingness. Not everyday, but somedays, yes. And I don’t need your judgement on those days, I need your help. I need you to offer to watch the kids, I need you to pop over and do some washing. I need you to pick me up for a quiet coffee. I won’t ask you because I am not in a place that I feel deserving of help at that time. It’s a lot to ask of people, I know. But really, if I had cancer would you drive me to the Doctors? If I had a nut allergy would you offer dietary adjustments? If I broke my leg would you drop off a meal?

Why is it different with depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions? Why, in 2016, are we still not getting it?

I personally think it’s because we still aren’t educated enough on the topic. We’re closer than we were ten, twenty years ago, but we’re not close enough. We need to talk about it so we can learn about.

Throw caution to the wind. Tell someone about how you’re feeling. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter – let someone in.

Here’s how I’m feeling- I’m feeling tired. I don’t have much patience today and I’m getting frustrated quickly. The boys are moody because they had a late night and so they’re playing up. They’re kids, it’s not their fault. I’m not dealing with it well and could really use a break. So I’m going to aqua aerobics with my sister tonight to have some ‘me time’. Now I just need to get through the rest of the day. I’ve pumped the music, sent the boys outside, and got a fresh cup of love (coffee).

Now, how are you feeling?

If you’d like to chat in private feel free to shoot me a message using this contact form.


If you or someone you know is having a tough time check out the PANDA or Beyond Blue websites for some great resources.



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