Skinned knees, thanks and please

Skinned knees, thanks and please

Oh boy. I’m going to sound really stereotypical for a minute here, please keep in mind that I’m fully aware that this could relate to girls as well, the thing is – I don’t make girls. I made three boys – Mark (4), Toby (2), and Daniel (11 months).

My boys are dirty, clumsy, crazy people. They can make towers out of just about anything (as shown in the picture). They like fart jokes and all other forms of toilet humour. They get in fights with each other. They get all scratched up after beating their way through the bushes out the back.

Build it up, build it up, build it high

They are stereotypical boys in many ways.

There is one thing that I push for in my house that isn’t stereotypically expected of boys, but I believe it should be. In fact, I believe it should be expected of everyone. That thing is good manners.

Please, thank you, you’re welcome, excuse me. They are all very basic, simple things to learn, so why are they being phased out? Did we get lazy? Did we stop caring? It is just another way of cutting corners?

It is an easy way to show respect to others. It doesn’t cost anything, it isn’t hard to remember, it’s not difficult to teach. It’s a non-negotiable in my house.

I’m fairly laid back when it comes to parenting. My kids skip a bath every now and then, they get to lick the bowl when we bake (raw egg-the outrage), they sometimes get away with much more than they should, and they rarely listen to anything I say the first time I say it.

But I just cannot deal with poor manners. I am a manners snob. It’s okay, I’m at peace with it.

Nothing makes my heart swell with pride like hearing a conversation like this one:

Marky – “Look Toby I brought a strawberry for you”

Toby – “Thank you Marky!”

Marky – “you’re welcome”

Yes, I’m easily pleased. It may sound odd to some, but I love it.

Please, please, tell me I’m not alone. Tell me there are others out there who value good manners as much as I do. Surely there is still hope.

Pretty please?

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