Onions, ogres, and people have layers

Onions, ogres, and people have layers

Someone asked the question today ‘What are your thoughts on people who get weight loss surgery?
The replies were mostly supportive, with a couple that were less so. I couldn’t go past this comment from a lovely lady (who gave me her permission to share this).


What people don’t generally think about is the the struggle – the tiredness, the aching bones, the constant battle of mind verse body capability. And the depression – the sadness you feel when someone looks at you with pity, the embarrassment you feel when the look is of disgust, the guilt you feel when you can’t keep up with your kids.
Weight loss surgery isn’t just about losing weight like the name suggests. It’s about discovery. Discovering the real you. Discovering new passions, discovering new found confidence, discovering how the world treats you when they’re not too busy judging you.
So if you ever find yourself thinking something along the lines of ‘gross, why don’t they stop eating?’ Or ‘ew, how do they live like that?’ Perhaps try to think about what might be going on under the surface, because trust me, contrary to popular belief, there is so much more than just layers fat.


16 thoughts on “Onions, ogres, and people have layers

  1. I think weight loss and discovery is different. The real you, the person inside you, has nothing to do with the physical attributes. But having said that, we are also people who do look at others physically, so for many people who are overweight, there is a sense of urgency in losing weight, and that includes surgery.

    BUT, I think before one commits to losing weight, the one thing that is important is the safety and health side. I believe losing weight with the right attitude of getting healthier (as opposed to looks) is more important, in the long run.


    1. That last line – losing weight with the right attitude of getting healthier – that right there is the main point isn’t it? I had major surgery getting the Sleeve and I sure won’t be wasting is by not improving my eating habits. This surgery is a tool, not a solution and I need to work with it.

      I do agree that the real you is the person inside of you, unfortunately though, in my case, I wasn’t able to be the real me because I was too busy trying not to draw too much attention to myself, or poking fun at myself before others got the chance. Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect basically just verbalised what many overweight girls were thinking when she nicknamed herself to avoid the sting from others.

      It’s a very personal thing though, so others may feel completely different 🙂


  2. Honestly I don’t encourage anyone to purposely sign up for weight loss programme, you may not knowing what will be the side effect though. Personally am also always scare of putting on weight esp I do lots of food reviews 😉 But I prefer to ensure moderate eating style & exercise regularly. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing


    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 In this case we were talking about bariatric surgery, which you must qualify for based on your health conditions, BMI, and past weight loss experience. It’s definitely not a normal weight loss program, but for more serious, life threatening cases 🙂

      I agree, healthy eating and regular exercise is definitely important, for everyone, not just those who are overweight!

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  3. Losing weight is not easy if the habits which have caused the weight problem is still ongoing. Thus, overcoming those habits is a battle that is not won overnight. Changing a lifelong habit is certainly the most difficult one to compete. We don’t know how long it will take for us to overcome those habits.


    1. Losing weight is definitely not as easy as putting it on 😉

      Overcoming bad habits plays a huge part in weight loss. I had a terrible sugar addiction and I abused soft drinks. I went cold turkey pre-surgery and I refuse to go back.

      My surgery was a tool to work with, I have to do my part still and make the right choices, and kicking the Cola was one of the best ones I made!

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  4. A lot of people struggle with weightloss and I know what you mean when you say society looks at you in a bad way. As we get older, its harder to lose weight ( I feel that now, but I am trying). Whatever is your motivation to get the surgery, you shouldn’t have to explain. Now, make do of it and reap its benefits then. Do what you say you wanted to do and experience.


  5. Gaining weight has a lot of factors. And sometimes when a person is having a hard time losing weight despite exercising or a strict diet, it often means there’s an underlying health condition with it. In my sister’s case, she has polycystic ovary syndrome. And she’s now on taking pills to help her combat the disease thus making it hard for her to lose weight. Of course, I wouldn’t encourage her to do weight loss surgery as I know she just needs to exercise and make it her routine. And if after all the treatment she received and vigorous exercising she went through and nothing still happens, I think that will be the time I’ll support the idea of weight loss surgery. But it is expensive here in the Philippines honestly speaking. 🙂


    1. It’s expensive here too!

      I have polycystic ovary syndrome too. It’s so tough to lose weight with that fighting against you!

      I wish your sister the bet 🙂 it’s. Very personal decision


  6. Weight loss is something that doesn’t require an encouragement. It is something that comes from within at some point to a person and I feel that is the best way of losing weight. If you try and lose weight with an intention all yours then probably you will end up with some healthy ways.


  7. I think body weight by itself is not a big problem. It becomes a problem only when the person has a lazy lethargic lifestyle. If a person is active I don’t think weight should be of concern and if anybody is making snide remarks about it then it is their problem. Please ignore.


    1. I think that a high body weight combined with health issues is a great deal of concern, which was the case for me. I was not at a healthy weight and it needed to change.

      I definitely try to ignore the nasty comments, thank you x


  8. At this age and time, weight is such a big issue. For a person like me who gained weight and has been told a lot of times that, “You gained weight,” it could really affect self-esteem and even how you see things. To effectively lose weight, it has to come from within and I guess that’s where you discover yourself. And, don’t lose weight just because others told you so but because you wanted to.


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