Snap back to reality

Snap back to reality

Sorry if the title got a certain song in your head…actually you know why? #sorrynotsorry it’s a great song.

It’s just after 9am and I have a headache. I am so not in the parenting mood today.

Toby (middlelittle) and Marky (biggestlittle) are making me question why I wanted children  in the first place. I could be on holidays in Hawaii!

Mark has discovered that talking back to, and parroting his parents is super duper fun! He is wrong. It is infuriating and frustrating.

Don’t be fooled by that innocent little face, underneath that smile is the smirk of a copycat. “Marky stop hitting your brother” “Marky stop hitting your brother”

Toby is in the mood to throw himself about chucking a tantrum, threatening us with a hospital trip for a concussion every time he does it. We call it ‘Chucking a Hannah’ after his Aunty, who is famous in our family for her whopper tanties as a child.

Don’t let his beautiful little smile trick you. He is secretly the worlds best tantrum thrower. He’ll be happily strolling along when BAM!! He’s death dropped into a mammoth meltdown.

I was going to put them up on Gumtree, but apparently it’s illegal to sell your children. I wasn’t going to sell them, I was giving them away for free, hell I’d even chuck in a hairtie, two matching socks (a rare commodity in this house), and some leftovers from last nights dinner to sweeten the deal!

It’s the last day of holidays for hubby. Back to work tomorrow, back to normal life. Life after Christmas, where the bells have stopped jingling, the ham has been eaten, and the presents have missing pieces.

Back to stay at home mum status, and childcare drop offs. Back to feeling stressed about money, and back to marital bickering because we’re both tired, and constant apologies because we both know why we do it. Back to smaller portions, and healthier choices.

I miss the holidays already and they haven’t technically ended yet!

I am looking forward to having my study day back though. It has been so hard to stay on top of my Uni work with the little terrors providing me with study backing tracks titled ‘Muuuum I’m hungry’, ‘He hit me’, and ‘I pooped’.

Kids are great…

Daniel (smallest little) is fast asleep, so I really can’t complain there.

He’s actually in his cot now, this was from yesterday, but who doesn’t want to look at a photo of a peacefully sleeping baby and secretly think jealous thoughts because he gets to sleep and you don’t? Only me? Oh.

The bigger two, however, are currently sitting in their beanbag eating cheese, which equals about 2 minutes of silence.

The end is nigh.

We need more cheese.

4 thoughts on “Snap back to reality

  1. I don’t know why but I do get amused by reading stories like this. It makes me feel like I’m a pseudo-housemate that is just there to see how are things and witness some precious moments. It’s really tough to have naughty kids! There was this one time that I was out processing something when I saw a little girl throwing tantrums! Then I felt sad for the dad because his child won’t listen to him. He was even telling his kid to stop or else he will punish her but the kid never behaved. She continued. Then I remembered our behavioral class/es back in college, especially the rewards-punishments part. Maybe, you could do that to your kids if they get naughty again? Like punish them by not giving any toy then reward them if they help you with chores..? Btw, happy new year!


    1. Ah it’s so tough to find a style of discipline that works as each child (including each of my three) respond to different things! It’s all trial and error, and luckily most of the time my boys are just being normal kids – spirited and adventurous. It’s tough though, that’s for sure! Happy New Year to you! 😀


  2. I can relate to your experience. There are many days also when I feel like I just want to be on a holiday. But kids push me to do what needs to be done… cook food, feed them, bathe them, etc. Going to the beach to have a relaxing read on a hammock is also one of my favorite daydreams.


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