Grades and Glasses

Grades and Glasses

Today is a good day. Sometimes the good days feel few and far between. Perhaps that’s not the case, perhaps my brain only recognises them on the odd occasion, perhaps my mind isn’t able to celebrate all the beautiful little things in life.

That’s my brain though. Sometimes I’m a glass half full kind of girl, and other times I want to peg the glass at the wall and yell at the person that brought it to me. What a fun character, right?

Well, whatever, today my glass isn’t only half full, but it’s spilling all over the top! I received the grade for my oral presentation and it was as full as that glass! 100% baby! Heck yeah! After receiving a ridiculously disappointing, and well-earned terrible grade for my initial essay submission I really needed this win to remind me that I can do it. And since my husband took the boys to visit his parents I got to spend my day focussing on bettering my essay so that I can smash that first grade into pieces and show it who’s boss.

Obviously I would rather be visiting the family with my boys (yes, I’m one of those people that likes their in-laws), but I needed this study time after I lost my regular Uni day to look after a sopping wet drool monster (#smallestlittle).

So my essay is done for the most part. My sister-in-law is giving it the once over for me, then I’ll make some adjustments, and send it in (after having a panic attack and making my husband hit the submit button of course). I don’t know what grade I will get. Honestly, I’d just be happy with a pass at this point. Wait, no negativity! What I meant to say was I’ll get full marks and the teacher will just hand me my certificate, no more study needed.

Look, that’s not me. I’m not positive all the time. I am not going to get 100% for the essay but I am going to do it to the best of my ability. I will learn from my mistakes, and take everything I learn into my next unit and do even better then. That’s all I can do – try and then try harder.

I will also try to have more good days. Even if the day feels monumentally disastrous, there is always good to be found. Some days it’ll be a stretch…like the days that all the kids decide the team up and declare war against me, using the house as a battle ground, leaving it messed and broken, just like me. There is still good there, even when I’m lying in the middle of my bed, in the foetal position, with one kid pulling my hair and the other two playing with a bag of flour in the kitchen, I can still be grateful that at some point the little terrors will sleep, and I can watch Good Mythical Morning and pretend I’m not a parent. Yep, a bit of a stretch.


But stretching is good for you, right?

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