Through My Eyes – Sharon

Through My Eyes – Sharon

Donning my perpetual fury

Preparing for an empty day

My son the only jury

Not even he is able to sway

Confronted with formidable vexation –

Fervour utterly consuming

Not capable of any evasion

Each day sits there – looming.


Blue eyes lit up with joy

That I can’t pretend to share

For I am life’s only toy

Caught in misery’s snare


His life has barely begun

His innocence scarcely there

He wants only to have fun

Instead seeing the pain I bare


A heart broken beyond restoration

Wrists ensnared with scars

Yet I am the foundation

Of my son’s potential memoirs


A life so young yet filled with lies

“Did the cat scratch you mummy?” He enquires

The answer for which I agonize

Another lie added to my smouldering fires


An aberration of tears caress his cheeks

Analogous to the canvas of my pain

Wiping his tears, my soul shrieks

But I can’t end depression’s reign


Written by Sharon Bell for The Joys of 3 Boys

You can check out Sharon’s other work by clicking here



If you or a loved one is in need of some help, I urge you to speak up! There is no shame in it. Let’s band together and end the negative stigma surrounding mental health.

You can check out PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia), their helpline is 1300 726 306.

Beyond Blue has a great page with places to get help. Check it out here: Beyond Blue

Or if you just want someone to chat to you can click here, fill out the form, and it will shoot me an e-mail. I’m always up for a chin-wag x

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