Who am I?

I’m a slightly insane stay-at-home mum of 3 boys, who were – at the time of me writing this – aged 3 and under. I spend my days making fart jokes, chasing nudie butts after their baths and cleaning handprints off the TV. Some days it’s bliss and other days…well, some days it’s bliss.
My name is Carmen. I am married to Khye, a man who is selfless, caring, silly and over-the-top loving. I feel so grateful for this man, who I have been lucky enough to be with since the age of 14. Our boys are Mark, Toby and Daniel (DJ) and they are incredible. Each one of them are amazing little men for totally different reasons. Marky is my sensitive soul. Toby is my cheeky adventurer. Daniel is…well, he’s still a baby but his smile lights up the room and I can just tell he’s going to be a very special little guy. Our cat Khaleesi is sometimes aggressively loved, though I know she in turn, aggressively loves the neighbours and all the food they spoil her with.

I have battled against Post Natal Depression with all three of my children. My battle isn’t over yet, and I will battle against anxiety for the rest of my life, but I’m definitely getting stronger as I go. I am also a Sleeve Sister. I underwent weight loss surgery and now have the Gastric Sleeve. It’s not the easy way out. People who think this usually just don’t understand it. My hope is for people to learn what a huge, life-changing decision this surgery is, and to support those who undergo it. We are trying to better our lives.

I try to be open, honest, and raw. I know this may upset some people, and for that I am sorry, but I need to tell the truth. The only way we can get through this crazy life is by finding people who we can relate to, and how can I find those people if I’m not honest with who I am? How can we all make people out there, suffering with PND, feel less ashamed if no one speaks about it? Everything is a little bit easier when you know you’re not alone.

There shouldn’t be shame. There should be celebration. Celebrate every day you manage to fight it. Celebrate every day with your children. Celebrate the little wins.

This blog is my release, my truth, my heart.

Carmen x

20 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I love how honest you are in this post. I feel you, being a mom who has to take care of three little ones, that is… easy. RIGHT??? And you are doing exactly what you need to do as you battle post-natal depression. It’s not about justifying why you act a certain way because of having PND, but what you are doing is that you are embracing it. So yes, keep embracing PND and that is how it becomes more manageable. You have your little ones to inspire you. About the other things… well, let’s say they are being kids. For all the mess and everything else, they become a part of your joy.


    1. Thank you Robert! Honesty is important to me as I won’t gain anything from hiding from the truth -and nor will my readers.

      I’m very lucky to have my boys, and you’re right, they inspire me every day. 😊


      1. You are lucky to have your kids, but you made that happen. So for all the trouble and the hardship, this is something I wish you would do at the end of the day. As you lie down, think of the good thing that happened during the day. Once done, think of the better and end it with the best thing that happened. And then think of your kids. Think of that love you have for them overflowing. Feel the emotion. And then tell yourself… “It’s worth it.”


  2. To be a mother is the greatest and the most important job in the world. This is so because as a mom you instill the right values in your kids. I don’t have boys in my family but I can anticipate that you will have to spend a lot of time chasing those 3 devils ;)..bu that pleasure will be lot worth the hard work. As far as PND is concerned, my advice is to take up meditation. It will soothe you, believe me.


  3. Hello, Mommy Carmen! Nice meeting you. I am also a single mom of three beautiful kids. Just like you, life has been a hard journey for me to take but every day I appreciate what life has to offer. I want to commit in celebrating life not only for me but also for my kids.

    Ganbatte kudasai, Carmen-san!


  4. I am a mom of two boys myself and a baby on the way. It’s nice to meet you through your blog. We all need an outlet to keep us sane and to help with PND. Hope to read more of your stories. 🙂


  5. What a beautiful share. Thank you very much for being open with us, and I just followed your blog. More power to your blog, and I understand you (when you had 2 kids under 3 anyway) because I also have 2 kids who are just 18 months apart. It was stressful at first, but got better and better. 😀


  6. You’re truly an inspiration to everyone as you have gone through a lot in life and yet you still choose to be strong for your family. You have just wowed me while reading your article and your story in life. We all have a different struggle in life, but you’re just so inspiring. I know God will surely have a plan for your life and your family as well. Keep being strong!


  7. Hi Carmen, Nice meeting you! You are such an inspiration to raising your 3 kids only by yourself. It takes bravery, courage, and sense of responibility to do what you do. Everything you have done will surely pay off sooo.


  8. I love that it came straight from your heart. It isn’t an task to follow your heart and do exactly how it feels. Being a mother is the most beautiful thing but at the same time not an easy task. Kudos for that.


  9. Wow, you have know your hubby since 14! The friendship you built thru the years perhaps is the strong foundation of your marriage. You’re blessed to have 4 boys (including hubby) too! You’ve enough to care, love and protect you.

    Cheers to you Carmen 🙂


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