A light at the end of the sleeve

A light at the end of the sleeve

Sluggish movement

Body and mind

A healthy soul

Left far behind

Frightful future

Decision made

Time for change

Prepare the blade

Knocked out

A piece removed

Groggy thoughts

Life improved

Weight lost

Sanity gained

Feeling good

Brain unchained

Free to show

The inside out 

Put to rest

The years of doubt

Finally real

Show colours true

Nothing compares

To the authentic you

#mumlife rap

#mumlife rap

Before I had kids I was the boss of the house

But that title belongs to the threenager now 

I used to go out with the boy acting flirty

Now I'm crawling into bed at around nine thirty

And if ever name drop, it's not in quite the same way

Cause now I brag when my blog gets shared by Pinky McKay

The washing overwhelms me and the toys are multiplying

And shopping isn't fun now that it's groceries I'm buying

I'm kissing all the boo-boo's and I'm wiping all the tears

And when they have a night terror I chase away their fears

Car drives aren't for fun these days, no more quick trips down the coast

It's like they think they win a prize if they are the one that screams the most

Wake up, no make-up, mum bun in, make them breakkie, feed the baby, chuck nappies in the bin

One wants toast, and one wants weetbix, one needs milk right now

And all I want is to find a way to get a coffee in somehow 

Whenever we have the TV on it's never on for me

No, it's Wiggles, Octonauts, Play School - look through the window what do you see?

No really it's great I love my kids, I'm so lucky to be a mum

But I've gotta be honest I'd like time alone, at least while I wipe my bum

Kiss them goodnight, let out a big sigh, another day done and dusted 

Sit on the couch with a coffee and relax, hear 'MUUUUM' - oh, crap I've been busted.

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