Babies, Onesies, and Emergencies

Babies, Onesies, and Emergencies

What a weekend! 

Firstly, we have some news to share. Our family has grown! Meet Zoey (the furry one, not the pyjama-clad one). Zoey is an 8 week old Staffy X and one of hubbies 30th birthday presents. She was a complete surprise, very deserved for my incredible husband. Just as expected, he is smitten – though I think Zoey considers Marky to be her main human.

Zoey and #biggestlittle
Such a tough life…

Last night I went on a date with my bestie. We had pedicures, ate too much, smuggled perfectly innocent alcohol-free orange juice into the movie theatre… and bought onesies (from the kids section at K-Mart and they totally fit!)

Twinsies in onesies #slay
Totally innocent OJ…I swear…

We saw Beauty and the Beast and it was AMAZING. I couldn’t fault it in the slightest. The original songs were honoured perfectly, the new songs were full of heart, and Emma Watson has just reinforced her role as the star of my #womancrushwednesday. It was everything, do yourself a favour and go!

Unfortunately the buzz of last night had to end this morning when I ended up in hospital with #middlelittle after he managed to break into our medicine box. Thankfully he is ok. He had a rough morning, but it seems he got lucky and the only tablet he may have swallowed was a Cold and Flu. He was quite drowsy, and at the same time super silly so the Doctors were confident of the cause.

In good spirits

He’s had blood tests, power spews, and horrible charcoal medicine (which sure made the spews interesting!) He is now finally resting after a big morning. We will have to stay until 1930 because one of the tablets he may have had is a slow release, lasting 12 hours.

Relaxing with his Transformer

We’ve always been very careful with medications, I even clean them out 3 monthly and date the last check on a little slip in the box. Unfortunately it seems we need to reconsider our current practice and change things to increase safety.  I hope that this urges everyone reading to run a safety check on theirs too!

You are getting sleepy…sleeeepy

Well, as my little man rests blissfully in dreamland I will take this opportunity to rest myself. I’m looking forward to our hospital visit being over so I can have a healthy bub, a long, hot shower, and a real cup of coffee.

Finally resting his sweet little head
Making memories and messes

Making memories and messes

So the boys have recently started really noticing movies.

The past few weeks I have watched Monsters Inc & Monsters University, Hotel Transylvania 1 & 2, and The Lorax so many times that I can, and embarrassingly do, quote them all.

Even as I write this I’m sitting on the couch pinned under a finally sleeping 12 week old while the two big-little boys are wrapped up in Monsters University.

I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am that Pixar and Disney like to throw in the occasional cheeky adult joke. I actually love the movies they watch on repeat but I feel like our family motto has become  ‘Blergh, blergh blergh’ from Hotel Transylvania. Even the one year old says it with enthusiasm. If the baby’s first words are ‘Mike Wazowski’ we have a problem.

When I was little I loved Disney movies. The little mermaid is my all-time favourite. I sing ‘Part of your world’ to my boys and before I had kids I sang it (and whatever other songs he requested) to hubby when we would make the 3 hour trip back home to visit family.

Everytime I watch something made by Disney or Pixar I am quickly brought back to my childhood. The days where I could lay on the couch and immerse myself in a world of genies and magic carpets are long behind me really, instead I get to watch the joy on my children’s faces when they see all of the magic for the very first time and live vicariously through them.

And it’s not just movies! Yesterday I watched them painting (themselves more than the paper) and the pure wonderment and excitement in their eyes just melted my heart.

I’m so lucky to be able to experience things in a whole new way through them. I can’t wait to see them experience their first day at school, their first hockey game (if they take after their daddy), their first date, the first time they drive a car and every other first that they encounter.

And I’ll be there to comfort them through their first broken bone, their first heartbreak, their first hangover.

One day I will do all of it, but for now I’ll sit with them and act surprised when Mr Waternoose turns out to be the bad guy, I’ll sing ‘Let it go’, I’ll let out a boisterous laugh when Gru pops the little boys balloon, I’ll cry when Mufasa dies and I’ll cheer when Buzz and Woody land safely in Andy’s car.

And when they paint on their belly instead of the canvas in front of them, I’ll get their back and giggle just as hard as they do.

It all came off in the bath! Totally worth it.

Today’s little wins:

Mumma: Didn’t lose it even once today! Huge win!

Biggest-Little: Realised he can stop me being cross if he gives me a kiss. Even a slight eye-brow crinkle and he came running for a smooch. Ridiculously cute.

Middle-Little: He has learnt a crazy amount of new words this weekend. He is just blowing me away!

Smallest-Little: Hit 12 weeks old and is just the happiest little fella.