Through My Eyes – Sharon

Through My Eyes – Sharon

Donning my perpetual fury

Preparing for an empty day

My son the only jury

Not even he is able to sway

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Gratitude, mostly

Gratitude, mostly

I am grateful for you little boy

In so many different ways

I am grateful for the way you laugh

And the funny things you say

I am grateful for your kisses sweet

And your little button nose

I am grateful for your cow-licked hair

and your funny plopped on toes

I am grateful for your drawings

You present them with such pride

I am grateful for your craziness

And for your gentle, loving side

I am grateful when you look at me

With eyes so big and blue

I am grateful that you chose me

I am grateful son, for you

I am not as grateful when you’re cross

or when you’re overtired

or when you scream and stomp and huff

And my patience has expired

And I’m not as grateful when you say

‘I’m hungry’ on repeat

You’re eating me out of house and home

You even say it while you eat

I am not as grateful when I use the loo

And your heads pops around the door

When I say I need a minute alone

You get comfy on the floor

No, I’m definitely not as grateful

When you wake me up at three

Or when you throw blocks at your brothers

Or say ‘whoops I did a wee’

I can’t be grateful all the time

And I think that it’s okay

Because my love, all that matters is

I love you, everyday